The isolation of Qatar and the collapse of the ‘Brotherhood’ scheme

      Published on Friday, 10 August , 2018      717 Views     
The isolation of Qatar and the collapse of the ‘Brotherhood’ scheme

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Fourteen months have passed since the beginning of Qatar’s isolation, but the regime of the “Two Hamads” (Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, former Emir of Qatar, and Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani, former Prime Minister of Qatar) is still drowning in its illusions and floundering amid its political immaturity.

This is despite the record distances traveled by the Emir of Qatar and the country’s foreign minister, shuttling between the world’s capitals from one corner of the globe to the other, only to return empty-handed.

Everywhere they went, the constant reply they received was: The solution is in Riyadh and not in Washington, Paris, London or Berlin.

A number of incidents have recently come to light to expose the inner workings of the regime of the “Two Hamads”. Following are just a few examples:

1. The scandal of Qatar defaming its rivals, with “dark” campaigns, in the competition for hosting the World Cup. It even sought the help of a company to build its image in the World Cup hosting dossier. Strangely enough, the late Libyan leader Gaddafi and Syrian President Bashar Assad received the help of the same company, according to Britain’s “The Sunday Times”. This confirms the similarity in the methods employed by the three failed fascist regimes.

2. The financing of terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria with the biggest ransom in history amounting to US$1 billion. All of that was for supporting terrorism.

3. Qatari officials visited Tel Aviv and Israel’s Channel Two disclosed an Israeli envoy’s visit to Doha to strike “a long-term ceasefire deal” with Hamas. This exposes and underlines the cracking of the Brotherhood scheme.

The boycott, which is in its second year, is increasing Doha’s isolation and is aggravating Qatar’s economic problems. It is making it increasing clear to the major countries in the international community that the regime of “Two Hamads” is encouraging and funding terror operations. This is especially so when terrorist organizations now have a permanent presence in Doha’s hotels and palaces, where conspiracies are being hatched to cause bloodshed in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and the Arab Gulf countries.

Another year will expose the Qatari regime even more despite its attempts to find a way to sell its futile illusions.

After more than a year of isolation, the regime of the “Two Hamads” is tightening its strangulating hold on the Qatari people. The regime is now at the mercy of Turkey, Iran and terrorist Islamic Brotherhood bullies to the extent that imprisonment has become the fate of every genuine and noble Qatari, who is thinking of performing Haj – the fifth pillar of Islam. Meanwhile, members of the Qatari tribes are being stripped of their citizenship.

More than a year has passed, but there are no indications that the regime of the “Two Hamads” might resort to reason, despite the fact that it was forced to implement several of the 13 demands of the four countries that have severed relations with it. And this is after its renegade practices have been placed under a global microscope for everyone to see.

For a second year, it seems that this reckless regime will continue with its claims of the infringement of its sovereignty. As if its sovereignty means violating the sovereignty of other countries and ignoring the principles of international law and legitimacy.

Another year and the scene has totally changed. Iranian influence in the region has decreased. The cross-border Brotherhood State scheme has collapsed. Daesh (the self-proclaimed IS) has suffered a resounding defeat. The international community’s determination to curb terrorism and stop the funding of terror has increased, and first and foremost is ending the financing of terror by Qatar.

The regime of the “Two Hamads” will continue to face failure after failure and more isolation and rebuffs, along with the mullahs of Qom.

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